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Sale of organic damask rose essential

Chashna Company is one of the active centers in the sale of organic damask rose essential oil .

This company produces and exports high quality essential oils with the benefit of the best organic damask rose.

Chashna Company is very famous for producing quality plant essential oils.

Introduction of damask rose essential oil :

One of the best essential oils of damask rose in the world are organic essential oils.

 Organic essential oil is a substance that everything is natural, for its production and cultivation and does not use any kind of poison or chemical fertilizer, in addition to any preservatives or flavorings, dyes and other substances.  Chemicals are not used in the composition of this product.

One of the natural products that has received more attention today is damask rose essential oil or damask rose flavoring

Which is produced in a completely natural and pure way in Chashna company.

damask rose essential oil is produced in both traditional and industrial methods and is bought and sold in many reputable centers for the production of essential oil. 

Organic production centers are required to provide organic certification of goods.  Chashna Company provides the necessary assurance for customers by providing a valid certificate.

Organic damask rose essential oil for export

In order to be able to introduce damask rose essential oil as organic in the world markets, we must have an organic product certificate.

According to this certificate, it can be claimed that damask rose essential oil, which is for export, is completely organic.

This certificate must be approved by reputable organizations and companies.

One of these companies is the Swiss company Bio Inspecta, which supports farms and natural food production centers and helps in sustainable development and strengthening their sales market.

In this certificate, various parameters are checked and the production or sale of organic damask rose essential oil is approved.

Receiving these certificates has a great impact on the export of damask rose essential oil.

Sale of organic damask rose essential oil in Chashna:

Chashna Company has provided the best with the aim of exporting various types of essential oils (cinnamon essential oil, eryngium essential oil, ginger essential oil, etc.). 

The center has a laboratory equipped with products accepted by international markets.

Currently, this company is a leader in selling organic damask rose flower essential oil by receiving an organic certificate.

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