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100% pure rosa damascena mill essential oil

Rose flowers have many different species in the world.
Rosa damascene is one of the most famous varieties of roses in the world.
Damask rose is widely grows in Iran, in the way that the amount of Iranian rosa damascena farms reached about 24,000 hectares in 2018.
Damask rose has a different color ranges from red to bright pink.
Rosa damascena is as a shrub, that its height reaches about 2 meters and is also resistant to desiccation.

rosa damascena essential oil

Damask rose productions

There are many different products from rosa damascena in Iran, Some of these products are:
1. rosa damascena essential oil
2. damask rose dried petals
damask rose dry bud
4. Rose water
5- Rosa damascena syrup

Among the above, there is a very high rosewater production in Iran, which is obtained in the process of distillation and boiling of fresh damask rose petals in water. More than 90 percent of the world’s rosewater is produced in Iran, and Turkey is second.  Damask rose essential oil source in the word is in Iran, Bulgaria and Turkey and this essential oil is the most valuable rosa damascena product. Each kilo of damask rose essential oil requires 3 to 4 tons of rosa damascena petals.

damask essential oil

Rosa damascena essential oil types

Like all essential oils damask rose essential oil is obtained in the distillation process, and due to its lower specific weight than water, it is placed in a layer on the rosewater surface.
Types of damask rose essential oils include:

First damask rose essential oil:

This essential oil is obtained in the first stage of essential oil extraction and appears as a yellow liquid layer on the rosewater surface.

Second damask rose essential oil:

After that rosewater and distilled essential oil are obtained for the first time, the rosewater will be distilled again by water vaporing. This is the time that Second damask rose essential oil would be achieved, that has a higher value than the first type. The second type also contains more aromatic substances.

Absolute damask rose essential oil:

Absolute damask rose essential oil is the result of a combination of the first and second type of essential oil and is known as “liquid gold”. This essential oil has the highest demand from various pharmaceutical and perfumery companies in the world. This essential oil also appears as a yellow liquid layer on the surface of the rosewater. However in terms of quantity, it is almost twice the first essential oil amount. In terms of quality, it is much better than the first type. The absolute rosa damascena essential oil contains fragrant substances in the rosa damascena flower.

rosa damascena mill oil

Organic damask rose essential oil

We are glad to announce that the CHASHNA aroma and taste company is ready to supply not only 100% pure types of damask rose essential oil but also supplies organic rosa damascena essential oil.

“Bio Inspecta” in Switzerland, is a reliable company that confirm our organic certificate.
We can also produse other essential oils such as Dorema ammoniacum essential oil and ferula golbaniflua essential oil (galbanum oil).

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